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Inoxico on the move …..

Inoxico is a technology company that provides trade credit analytics to help our clients make better trade credit decisions and improve their trade credit profitability.

If you are faced with the following business risks, please join our event to view our innovative solutions:

• Uncertain Cashflow
• Deteriorating DSO’s
• Poor Payers
• Manual Processes
• Onboarding of Risky Clients

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Communication Skills for Effective Telephone Collections

Click on the picture to view and listen to the outline of our new eLearning course. The on-line course is developed for the trying times call centre agents has to cope with being “home base” and the effects that COVID-19 has on the consumers’ ability to repay outstanding debt. The course takes no more than 10 days (spending an hour a day) on our eLearning platform. The course is accredited by the Federation of Credit Management and once completed with a score of no less than 70% a certificate of successful completion will be issued on-line. The course fee: R 1,750 ex Vat per Delegate, but subscribe now and make use of our: November 2020 special only R 1,250 per delegate …...

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New Innovative 24/7 Electronic Payment Platform

Visit the eColls website


eColls™ is a digital first in the Collections Industry where customers can create arrangements and make payments without any added costs or fees. It allows the Debtor to update his/her personal information, log their queries, make arrangements and choose from an array of payment options and then get rewarded.

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Increase your cash flow by running your debit orders through our easy-to-use cloud solution.

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EasyDebit Payment Solutions

We are a payment collection and verification solutions company that enables sustainable businesses by increasing their cash flow and reducing their risk. We do this by employing innovative solutions throughout all points of the credit lifecycle, from onboarding to the collection of payments from debtors.

Verification Solutions:
When onboarding debtors it is vital to determine the validity of their identity, personal and banking information as well as their contact details. We offer the following comprehensive suite of verification services with real-time reports:
• Facial Verification Service (FVS) with liveness detection
• ID Verification Service (IVS), that includes deceased and marital statuses
• Biometric Verification Service (BVS) that verifies fingerprints and retrieves an ID photo associated with the ID number from the Department of Home Affairs’ database
• Account Verification Service (AVS) that validates banking details and client’s information
• Strike Date optimisation (SDO) determines the 3 best days to debit your client’s bank account
• EasyTracer provides verified client information

Payment Collection Solutions:
Effectively increasing your cash flow requires the use of comprehensive payment collection tools. EasyDebit’s payment collection suite is easy to use and provides elaborate reporting with a full view of the status of your collections. The services we offer are:
• DebiCheck collections and mandate creation
• The migration of NAEDO transactions to Debicheck
• NAEDO the smart debit order with account tracking abilities
• EFT Debit Order collections

We are proud to offer these innovative solutions to the credit industry that increase cash flow and reduce risk. Click here for a demo or to find out more about our solutions. We are the simple, smart, transacting solution.

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Quality Assessment Software - “CallDesk”
Swordfish Software Proprietary Limited (“Swordfish”) has acquired ownership of the dynamic Quality Assessment (QA) Software- “CallDesk” from Quality Specialist Hub Proprietary Limited. CallDesk addresses the end-to-end QA needs, it found its origins in the debt collection call centres, but the application will extend to all QA needs in the contact centre environment. The solution is scalable and therefore, suitable from single users to corporate entities. CallDesk caters for customisable scorecards, random call identification, standardised reporting, queries, complaints and live dashboards. The measurement of individuals within a team and into a group is easy to report and displayed in dynamic performance dashboards. Calibration, coaching and training sessions are documented electronically with notifications to all concerned.

With more companies facing a new reality of having agents working from home, the importance of remote management is evident. At present, physical interaction between humans is a frowned upon and in most cases prohibited, the situation is unlikely to change significantly soon, businesses need to adapt to survive. Swordfish identified CallDesk as a strategic addition to the Swordfish suite of products. As such, Swordfish and CallDesk shareholders started exploring a partnership in January 2020.

Jacques Lubbe (CEO -Swordfish): “We identified the need for state-of-the-art QA software a while ago and when the opportunity presented itself to firstly full integrate with CallDesk and later on acquire the software it was a strategic transaction which aligned with our vision. The fact that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19) and the measures imposed by the South African government to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have changed our landscape permanently supports the decision to address the importance of quality assessment, even more so the ability to manage the process with no face-to-face interaction required. We are excited to integrate CallDesk and offer the capability to Swordfish’s existing and prospective clients that value superior quality assessments in their environment.”

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Johannesburg, South Africa, March 2018 – A ground-breaking judgement in the Randburg Magistrates Court has afforded digital registered communication the same status as conventional registered letters in a case that, for the first time, tested provisions in the Magistrates Court Amendment Act 19 of 2010, the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (the ECT Act).

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CEC the way to go
Certified Electronic Communication is a type of telematics means whereby a third party, bears witness to the communication. This ensures a complete chain-of-custody validating the communication between parties, as well as the assurance that your messages are tamper-proof. South African legislation (NCA sec 129, and ECT sec 19) allow for ‘registered letters’ to be sent electronically.

Registered Communication is the only company that provide registered digital channels that are recognised by the court in South Africa. We simply use the “track and trace” concept of traditional registered mail and apply it to electronic channels. Our clients receive a certificate showing proof of delivery and the full chain of custody of your Registered email or Registered SMS.

The results are remarkable:
  • Increased responses from recipients
  • Decreased response time due to digital efficiencies
  • Significant cost savings
  • Electronic communications are secure, compliant and legal.
  • And it’s simple.
Let us formalise your digital communication. Send us an email to contact you.
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Credit Management
Interested in enhancing your career into the broader Credit Management arena?
Course Fees per Delegate ex VAT
  • Principals of Credit Management - R 2,750
  • Consumer Credit Management - R 3,250
  • Trade Credit Management - R 3,250
  • Export Credit Management - R 3,250
  • Impact of Trade Credit on Cashflow - R 2,750
  • Impact of Trade Credit on Balance Sheets - R 3,250
Investing an hour a day, for 30 to 60 days, will see you complete a course.
Entry Requirements
Your academic and/or practical experience will be evaluated to see if you should start with Principals of Credit Management as a
pre-requisite for Consumer, Trade and Export Credit Management.
The skills acquisition will be monitored by means of formative assignments during the course and a final summative assignment at the end. A certificate for successful completion will be issued on-line after completion of each course. All courses are inclusive of 2 months User Fees on the CR eLearning platform but exclusive of VAT.
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