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We realise that sitting through a workshop on pieces of legislation is "boring"
It will stay “boring” until you have been to one of our workshops
Interactive - fun - practical - up to date content

We Customise our Interventions
Look at all our training and interventions, not only in content, but also in application and exercises.
We are willing to change our programs and content to make it more applicable to your own business needs.

We have “WINGS”

We will send a qualified Trainer to train your staff in the convenience of your site. Training and Interventions can be done throughout South Africa. The group size for face-to-face training is minimum 6 and maximum 20, ideally 16 delegates. Businesses are advised to book well in advance to ensure full interaction and to allow time for interactive case studies. Delegates are welcome to bring challenges they experience and, time dependent, the facilitators and trainers will endeavour to answers their questions.

Vicarious Liability
Legislation requires that businesses empower their staff to be proficient in the legislation affecting the business by up-skilling and training them. We have developed intervention training and workshops to give delegates a working understanding of an Act or Regulation. We specialise in the skills and training needed in business to manage Credit, Risk, Compliance, Collections, MS and Soft Skills.

Course and Module Design
Our objectives are to enhance the knowledge of staff and ensure success in credit management and to curb your vicarious liability.
We implement the following steps in a process to guide your workforce's skill development and training needs:
  • Analysis - we work with you to assess exactly what challenges your company may be facing and identify the causes and barriers to close the performance gap.
  • Learning objectives and performance outcomes are agreed upon and drive the design for the training solution.
  • Design - to ensure all facets are included.
  • Development - we will develop a customised, cost-effective approach to address your challenges and to design performance-based programs and workshops.
  • Validation - test the prototype and pilot a new solution.
  • Implementation - we will work closely with your organisation to ensure that the support of learning and application of new skills are in place.
  • Measuring impact - we will evaluate the process for measuring performance improvement and develop strategies to keep the skills active and up to date.
We Sail the 7 C’s of Credit
We design and present competency based training and workshop programs. Credit Management, Compliance and Debt Recovery are our specialities. Our interventions are performance oriented and directly linked to your business' strategic goals and direction.
We Open the Windows on Microsoft
We have re-designed the training and manuals for MS Office to enhance your efficiency with Word, Powerpoint, Excel and the rest of the MS Office suite. Come train with us and experience the power hidden in your computer using the MS suite.
We Soften Skills in the Workplace
We have found out that Soft Skills gives you the Hard Edge in the workplace. Be the one to stand out in the crowd, harness and upgrade your business skills. Enhance your skills such as communication, business writing and presentations.

Contact us for a complete brochure of all our interventions, workshops and training. If you are looking for a specific intervention, talk to us to design it. Topics and modules can be “mixed and matched”, as well as to what “depth” we need to “drill” into a subject, or topic, to suit your business requirements.

National Credit Act - R 2,950
This 1 day workshop was developed to give delegates a good working understanding of the National Credit Act (NCA). Important to note that this training is compulsory in terms of section 163 of the NCA. Some of the important issues that will be dealt with is sections 127 to 130 of the NCA, dealing with debt enforcement. The other important issue is the type and value of claims one has against a debtor, see sections 101 and 102 of the NCA. Prescription and the cap on charges, see section 103(5), will also be drilled into.

Debt Collectors Act and Regulations - R 2,350
This 1 day workshop is a “must” for ALL new Debt Recovery Agents and Collection Business owners. We will cover and concentrate on practical issues that govern the Debt Collector and are of the utmost importance, both to the business and individuals, who are registered with the Council for Debt Collectors. Being vicariously liable for the actions of your agents and collectors could lead to a charge of improper conduct in the disciplinary process - you should know how to prevent this.

Debt Collectors Code of Conduct
- R 2,350
This 1 day workshop covers all aspects of section 15 of the Debt Collectors Act - from the investigation stage of a complaint against you and/or your Agency up and until the Disciplinary Hearing and sentencing. The workshop will include sentencing procedures by the Council of Debt Collectors. Bonus: the workshop will be practical, using cases heard by the Council, thus ensuring that your Agency is on-top of the Disciplinary Procedures and your rights entrenched in the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3/2000 (PAJA) are known to you.

Debt Collectors Fees and Expenses (anex B) - R 2,350
This 1 day workshop covers the Fees and Expenses that Debt Collectors may charge debtors - see section 19 of the Debt Collectors Act Annexure B of the Regulations. The fees and expenses change and one must keep track of the changes to avoid losing money. Section 101 of the National Credit Act, as well as section 60 of the Magistrates’ Courts Act, governs the fees and expenses that may be levied against a debtor. The Fees and rules for Trust Certificates (section 20) have changed. This workshop will aid the debt collection agency and its staff to ensure compliance with the new changes published, maximising the fees and expenses and minimising the cost of the yearly audit of the Trust Account.

Food for Thought
Remember the advantage you had yesterday, i
t has been replaced by the trends of today and more so that of tomorrow. You don’t have to do anything wrong. Your competitors might just catch the wave and do it right, then you will lose out and fail - nobody wants to be in that position.

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