Staffing is not the whole story but it is a Critical element of the Story

  • Staffing help you adapt to changes in your environment to deliver better services and products in the marketplace.
  • Staffing can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business.
  • Staffing will change and improve your business model, preventing it becoming redundant and irrelevant to the industry.
Many people hate something about their work - each of us probably hears one or more of these observations from at least one source nearly every day. Going to work every day when you hate what you're doing or who you work for can be a huge challenge, but broadcasting the fact that you hate your job in the office, at lunch or - even worse - all over the Internet, it compromises the level of professional integrity you convey, and can risk getting the boot if the wrong person picks up on your vent sessions.

You don't have to stay in a place you simply feel is not a good fit. There are steps you can, and should, take to move on if you hate your job and you're not happy at work. Too many people spend too much time working to stay in jobs or work environments they dislike, or even actively hate. Besides being happier, our performance is better when we're working at jobs we love, or at least like and at which we feel we have room to grow.

We offer a comprehensive staff placement service.
We provide recruitment solutions, matching the needs of our clients with the abilities and skills of our candidates, thus reducing the time, recruitment cost, and effort on both sides. We shortlist the best candidates for our clients and then create a platform for them to connect with prospective employees.
If a company has a “hard-to-fill” vacancy at a high level, or their ideal candidate is currently employed by someone else and may not actively be looking for a change, we at Corporate Rebels is the best option to do the “headhunting” for you. Headhunting (also known as Executive Search) is the process of recruiting individuals to fill senior positions in organisations.

Our qualities:

  • A deep understanding of individual industries and job specs
  • Our abilities to spot emerging talent
  • We are good at analysing job profiles and identifying skills in others
  • We have great people skills
  • We have passion, drive and persistence
In this day and age it is imperative to appoint the right person for the right job. People need people who can provide excellent and efficient service, adjust to the inevitable changes facing the economy and the workplace, and generally ‘fit in’. Finding the right candidate is not an easy assignment for most employers who might not necessarily have a specialist recruiter or HR manager. Sometimes, even those companies who do have these resources readily available, get stuck. This is where we can assist. We equip companies with skilled, competent staff with the required levels of experience. Providing creative staffing solutions inclusive of head hunting on a senior level.

If the skills are not among our ever growing candidate database, we can source them and go through the tedious procedure of sifting through the CV’s, checking references and putting together a shortlist to our client’s specifications. Increasing levels of competition, pressure to do more with less and ongoing volatile economic conditions force decision makers to be more selective in their recruitment of skills. Job seekers face an uphill struggle to secure employment.
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