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National Credit Act
This 1 day workshop was developed to give delegates a good working understanding of the National Credit Act (NCA). Important to note that this training is compulsory in terms of section 163 of the NCA. Some of the important issues that will be dealt with is sections 127 to 130 of the NCA, dealing with debt enforcement. The other important issue is the type and value of claims one has against a debtor, see sections 101 and 102 of the NCA. Prescription and the cap on charges, see section 103(5), will also be drilled into. R 2,950 ex VAT per delegate.

Debt Collectors Act and Regulations
This 1 day workshop is a “must” for ALL new Debt Recovery Agents and Collection Business owners. We will cover and concentrate on practical issues that govern the Debt Collector and are of the utmost importance, both to the business and individuals, who are registered with the Council for Debt Collectors. Being vicariously liable for the actions of your agents and collectors could lead to a charge of improper conduct in the disciplinary process - you should know how to prevent this. R2,350 ex VAT per delegate
Debt Collectors Code of Conduct
This 1 day workshop covers all aspects of section 15 of the Debt Collectors Act - from the investigation stage of a complaint against you and/or your Agency up and until the Disciplinary Hearing and sentencing. The workshop will include sentencing procedures by the Council of Debt Collectors. Bonus: the workshop will be practical, using cases heard by the Council, thus ensuring that your Agency is on-top of the Disciplinary Procedures and your rights entrenched in the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3/2000 (PAJA) are known to you. R2,350 ex VAT per delegate
Debt Collectors Fees and Expenses (anex B)
This 1 day workshop covers the Fees and Expenses that Debt Collectors may charge debtors - see section 19 of the Debt Collectors Act Annexure B of the Regulations. The fees and expenses change and one must keep track of the changes to avoid losing money. Section 101 of the National Credit Act, as well as section 60 of the Magistrates’ Courts Act, governs the fees and expenses that may be levied against a debtor. The Fees and rules for Trust Certificates (section 20) have changed. This workshop will aid the debt collection agency and its staff to ensure compliance with the new changes published, maximising the fees and expenses and minimising the cost of the yearly audit of the Trust Account. R2,350 ex VAT per delegate
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