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This program covers each of the points within the guidelines listed in the agreement executed between CONDUSEF and the Asociación de Profesionales, Cobranza and Servicios Jurídicos in Mexico, further meets the requirements of the Code of Ethics and regulations throughout Latin-America and internationally. It also meets the requirement of the FDCPA for the U.S.A. and Debt Collectors Act of South Africa and some other regulations focused on maintaining ethics as a principle in the process of negotiating the collection of debts.
·       International Collections Manager - ICM - a company with its Head Office in Mexico City and an international knowledge network of partners and colleagues who specialize in Consumer Credit and Collections. ICM is now represented in 10 countries worldwide. Each year ICM through its own or accredited network in the world train more than 5,000 delegates to become professionals in the collection industry through courses, certification processes, seminars, e.learning and other events.
·       Corporate Rebels  - CR - is the accredited and exclusive partner of ICM in South Africa.
ICM believes that the function of any collections agent, advisor and professional is not to be reduced to only translate risk in profitability and collections into income. It must represent the whole philosophy in which, from providing credit to collecting, becomes the opportunity to provide a quality service, advisory help to clients and contribute to foster a culture of Credit Education.
ICM believes that the credit function generates the business opportunities and collections improve quality in sales, consolidate business and develop long-term relationships with clients. The collections agent must strive to become the collections advisor and ultimately the collections professional with all the competencies and knowledge to consolidate the function through results.
ICM mission is to train and develop credit and collections professionals through programs that contribute to professionalize the function. We are committed to support, develop and train professionals with high expectations and aspirations, which contribute to industry growth, offering customers with strategies, methodologies and practices to achieve their business results.

Our philosophy is based on four fundamental principles:
1.      Practical Experience:
Professionals design our programs and they have the necessary expertise in the credit and collections field plus extensive training experience; Professionals that have faced the challenges and problems that every credit and collections agent live through on a daily basis. This is the reason why our programs and methodologies are easy to implement, practical and contribute to the improvement of results.
2.      Flexibility:
Before any training program our specialists perform interviews with the Customer organization to have a better understanding of their problems, activities, needs and specific objectives. In this sense we can tailor every training program to our Customer’s needs; delivering something that have a tangible impact on their business results.
3.      Interactivity:
The need for technical knowledge is a fact; with knowledge we can perform activities to achieve results. However, the effective way to train people is through practical experiences that allow individuals to think carefully and analyze their role, and the influence and impact of their decisions in their organizations, their careers and on other people. ICM programs offer several structured experiences and exercises to facilitate learning and help participants to be aware and committed to their responsibility and importance of their jobs, fostering motivation and the willingness to transform their environment.
4.      Passion for Performance:
We provide knowledge, assist in developing competencies and skills, support and reinforce attitudes that help people to KNOW HOW TO and WANT TO establish a commitment in themself and for their environment; growing people willing to contribute and succeed.

Grow from Collections Agent to Collections Advisor

The next step is to evolve and become a Collections Advisor, incorporating additional skills in communication and Client Service to benefit collections and sales. 

ICM through its international network offers, as part of its portfolio of services, an option for collections agents to contribute to the enhancement of their companies’ collections operations by obtaining International Certification called
International Certified Collections Advisor

The ICCA is a process specially designed and developed by ICM for collection agents interested in becoming professionals and enhancing their careers. This process trains, develops and certify collection agents to become professionals based on high quality and productivity standards in their daily activities and oriented to achieve business and organizational results.

The process goes beyond a basic training course; hence the objective is to
ensure learning and implementation of knowledge and skills.

ICM has developed a technical norm and standard for the Collections Industry to assist its customers to obtain focused training in collection negotiation skills. This training was developed based on assertiveness, the use of communication techniques and persuasion skills to make each client phone call, or visit, an opportunity to successfully negotiate a payment promise. However, in conversation with the client, from beginning to end, deliver exceptional Client Service, giving the client a sales experience that meets actual market needs.
Collection Agents will be able to increase their effectiveness level, optimize their call time, accomplish organization phone call models standards and create better Client relationships once they have completed the ICM certification process.

The International Certification for Collections Advisors process:

·       Application stage
·       2 days face-to-face training workshop
·       2 hours knowledge base testing
·       1 hour practical (simulation) testing
·       Individual results report
·       Certification.

Benefits of the Certification Process

For the Organization:
·       Highly qualified and certified staff. 
·       ROI on the Training Budget
·       Competitive Advantage due to International Best Practices
·       Qualitative and Quantitative operations improvement in:
·       Increased Client Service indicators,
·       Better productivity results (more money collected),
·       Control and supervision of internal processes and policies.
·       Compliance with regulatory or legal standards existing in each country.

For the Collection Agents:
·       Clear and accurate information on expected or desired performance levels.
·       Professional, institutional and personal development.
·       Curriculum acknowledgement for career enhancement purpose.
·       Use of the designation ICCA behind their name to show colleagues and organizations their achievement.
Application Requirements

·  Interested candidates must complete an Application Form and pay the Prescribed Fees to start the Certification Process.
·  A letter must accompany the application form from their organization stating the employee’s actual position, seniority of their function, technical knowledge and management skills necessary for the activities he/she is performing and applicable product knowledge.
·  Candidates must have a minimum of one year’s experience as a collector to apply.
Criteria to Achieve Certification

All candidates must have:

  • Completed all application requirements to the satisfaction of the ICM.
  • Attended and completed the training programs called: “Assertive Negotiation Skills: A Different Vision on Collections” including “Legal and Ethics”.
  • Completed the final on-line knowledge evaluation. A minimum of 70% achievement is required.

Candidates who have successfully passed all criteria will receive an ICM International Certificate. 

More detail about the program: “Assertive Negotiation: A Different Vision on Collections”
This training program provides a global vision on Collections under a modern-day perspective by considering it as a sales and customer service process. This approach presents a new paradigm by presenting collections as professional work performed by a Collection Advisor.
This is a 2 day face-to-face program that integrates three levels and a module on South African Legal and Ethics. The program is presented in 2 separate day sessions allowing participants to practice in the practical skills review exercises during the face-to-face sessions.

Level I       
4 hours        Focused on the basic elements required to perform an effective collections process by establishing effective communication with customers. Content includes elements to obtain and provide quality information, active listening and empathy, questioning technique, benefits sales, etc.
Level II      4 hours        Review different negotiation techniques to improve results with customers. This module presents a negotiation model that no longer reinforces pressure to obtain payments or threatening the Customer.
Level III     4 hours        This part focus on incorporating the element of persuasion on effective negotiation to increase Customer acceptance of payment options and alternatives. It also includes guidelines to structure persuasive debates that results in effective negotiations and effective payment promises.
Legal and Ethics (SA)   4 hours        This module covers the alignment with all regulations related to observe the legal and compliance issues, as well as the ethics and principles around the collections processes in each country.
Once the training program is completed, the delegate moves on to ICM certification process.
Program Fees
·       Training Fees for 2 days                     = R 2,750.00         plus VAT per Delegate
·       International Certification Fee             = R    120.00        plus VAT per Delegate
If the face-to-face training is not done at the offices of our clients than arrangements can be made to facilitate the training at suitable premises with refreshments for the clients’ account. If the facilitation needs to take place outside Gauteng then facilitator travel and overnight accommodation will be added.


For more details on this program you can email us

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