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Communication Skills for Effective Telephone Collections

Click on the picture to view and listen to our new eLearning on-line course. The course is developed for the trying times call centre agents has to cope with being “home base” and the effects that COVID-19 has on the consumers’ ability to repay outstanding debt.

The course takes no more than 10 days (spending an hour a day) on our eLearning platform. The course is accredited by the Federation of Credit Management and once completed with a score of no less than 70% a certificate of successful completion will be issued on-line.

The course fee: R 1,750 ex Vat per Delegate — July 2020 special only R 975 …... view the course

The Black Swan Theory
This is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalised after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. The term is based on an ancient saying that presumed black swans did not exist - a saying that became reinterpreted to teach a different lesson after black swans were discovered in the wild. The coronavirus situation is described as a black swan simply because it did not exit previously and now we have to adapt even our collections calls and strategy to accommodate it.

- click this link to view a great article on CORVID-19 - The Black Swan -

The Future of the Collection Calls
When used consistently, good communication skills can transform the relationship you have with your consumers. This goal is what many industry experts view as the future of collections. Gordon Beck, of Valor Intelligent Processing, says that this change starts with a positive mental attitude and willingness to adapt to the ever-changing coronavirus situation. “For the first time in decades, we are now dealing with and talking to those from every walk of life,” says Beck. This gives collectors the chance to use communication skills to show the public the good they do and the empathy, connection and understanding they are capable of.

Beth Conklin, of State Collection Service, talks about the importance of understanding and letting consumers know we are all in this unprecedented situation together. She says simply telling consumers “I understand” is a good way to validate their situation and feelings. She also says using the word “let’s” is a good way for consumers to feel like you are both working together in this situation. She says these words of compassion and understanding help you to build rapport. After all, just because a consumer needs to adjust a payment plan right now doesn’t mean they won’t pay in the future. Building rapport and showing understanding to consumers helps to ensure an easier collection down the road.

Manny Newburger, of Baron & Newburger, speaks about the importance of using empathy and compassion in your interactions with consumers. Most collectors know that they will be more successful in their goals with consumers if they work to understand the perspective of the consumer.

Tim Paulsen, from Canada, said: “In perhaps the most challenging time we have ever experienced in receivables management,19 of the worlds best experts in risk & receivables management want to share their knowledge, tips and techniques with you”

- click this link to listen to the interviews -

What do we we have to do in future about our Collection Calls?
First of all we need to go back to basics before we attempt the call.

- click this link to view material about the basics of a collections call -

Future events in Collection
We all know that our face-to-face interaction will take some time, in the meantime we have to make the most of online events.

- click this link to view a future online event in recoveries -

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Credit Management
Interested in enhancing your career into the broader Credit Management arena?

Course Fees per Delegate ex VAT
  • Principals of Credit Management - R 2,750
  • Consumer Credit Management - R 3,250
  • Trade Credit Management - R 3,250
  • Export Credit Management - R 3,250
  • Impact of Trade Credit on Cashflow - R 2,750
  • Impact of Trade Credit on Balance Sheets - R 3,250
Investing an hour a day, for 30 to 60 days, will see you complete a course.
Entry Requirements
Your academic and/or practical experience will be evaluated to see if you should start with Principals of Credit Management as a
pre-requisite for Consumer, Trade and Export Credit Management.
The skills acquisition will be monitored by means of formative assignments during the course and a final summative assignment at the end. A certificate for successful completion will be issued on-line after completion of each course. All courses are inclusive of 2 months User Fees on the CR eLearning platform but exclusive of VAT.
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Jacques Lubbe (CEO - Swordfish) with
Kekeletso Ramone (MD - Quality Specialist Hub)
at the conclusion of the transaction.

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Quality Assessment Software - “CallDesk”

Swordfish Software Proprietary Limited (“Swordfish”) has acquired ownership of the dynamic Quality Assessment (QA) Software- “CallDesk” from Quality Specialist Hub Proprietary Limited. CallDesk addresses the end-to-end QA needs, it found its origins in the debt collection call centres, but the application will extend to all QA needs in the contact centre environment. The solution is scalable and therefore, suitable from single users to corporate entities. CallDesk caters for customisable scorecards, random call identification, standardised reporting, queries, complaints and live dashboards. The measurement of individuals within a team and into a group is easy to report and displayed in dynamic performance dashboards. Calibration, coaching and training sessions are documented electronically with notifications to all concerned.

With more companies facing a new reality of having agents working from home, the importance of remote management is evident. At present, physical interaction between humans is a frowned upon and in most cases prohibited, the situation is unlikely to change significantly soon, businesses need to adapt to survive. Swordfish identified CallDesk as a strategic addition to the Swordfish suite of products. As such, Swordfish and CallDesk shareholders started exploring a partnership in January 2020.

Jacques Lubbe (CEO -Swordfish): “We identified the need for state-of-the-art QA software a while ago and when the opportunity presented itself to firstly full integrate with CallDesk and later on acquire the software it was a strategic transaction which aligned with our vision. The fact that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19) and the measures imposed by the South African government to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have changed our landscape permanently supports the decision to address the importance of quality assessment, even more so the ability to manage the process with no face-to-face interaction required. We are excited to integrate CallDesk and offer the capability to Swordfish’s existing and prospective clients that value superior quality assessments in their environment.”

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A new approach to Tracing

The Ultimate Data Group, with a long-standing history in analytical tracing and with reports of impeccable standard, have innovated new ways of taking instructions for tracing matters. In addition to the standard “no-trace, no-fee” approach, Ultimate offers the following fee structures:

* Admin fee per matter – pay a small fee for every instruction to cover basic file costs, and receive a discounted rate on positive trace results

* Pay per trace – pay a heavily reduced fee, whether a result is positive or negative

Tracing Service Level Agreements – enter into a 12-month SLA with us (month-to-month thereafter), from as little as 10 instructions per month up to any maximum with a sliding scale discount. You will not be billed additional fees for any instruction that falls within the SLA.

Equipped with an efficient workflow, a strong human resources team, and all the tools to provide comprehensive reports, we look forward to being of service to you.

Contact us on +27 11 463 6300 or
email us to book a comprehensive consultation with one of our key account managers.

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Data Insights into Locations

If you want to harness the full power of data to solve your business challenges, then this is your service provider. With AfriGIS Location Insights you get accurate location data that enables you to extract meaningful insights of trends, consumer behaviour, movement and events taking place in the world.

Solve your business challenges with AfriGIS Solutions. You can only see the complete picture when the correct Data comes together.

Our AfriGIS Address platform offers you:

* More than 50 million searchable addresses
* SABS and ISO compliant addresses
* Verified, validated & complete addresses
And more...

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The Debt Collectors Act

This course is “must” for ALL new Debt Recovery Agents and Collection Business owners. We cover and concentrate on practical issues that govern the Debt Collector and these are of the utmost importance, both to the business and individuals. Being vicariously liable for the actions of your agents and collectors could lead to a charge of improper conduct in the disciplinary process. Important you stay compliant and avoid penalties.

The course takes no more than 10 days (spending an hour a day) on our eLearning platform. The course is accredited by the Federation of Credit Management and once completed with a score of no less than 70% a certificate of successful completion will be issued on-line.

Per Delegate - R 1,750 ex VAT - Discounts apply if a company book more than 5 delegates.

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Bringing e-Mobility to the Field Agent

It is not just for being "out there" to collect.
It is for being "out there" but still be "in contact"

Falcon Software (Pty) Ltd has developed the Falcon App to enable Field Agents and Legal Consultants to manage their meetings with customers and debtors outside the office.

Falcon Software is a member of the FutureSoft Group of Companies and its App can be used as a stand-alone product or as an integrated solution, linking into FutureSoft’s well-known Excalibur Debt Collection Software.

Use a cellphone or tablet to manage your appointments with the advanced route planner.
Have the customer sign documents on-screen and see them simply synchronise back to your server.

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Tools for Employers

It is not just about Collections and Data …….

CPB has always been deeply invested in Consumer financial wellness and strives to design products that enhance consumers lives and ensure that knowing your financial status is as easy as possible.

CPB has partnered with Paymenow Group in a new initiative to pave the way forward. Join the Business for Good movement for a safe financial inclusion journey.                        
  View more

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