The Future of the Collection Calls
When used consistently, good communication skills can transform the relationship you have with your consumers. This goal is what many industry experts view as the future of collections. Gordon Beck, of Valor Intelligent Processing, says that this change starts with a positive mental attitude and willingness to adapt to the ever-changing coronavirus situation. “For the first time in decades, we are now dealing with and talking to those from every walk of life,” says Beck. This gives collectors the chance to use communication skills to show the public the good they do and the empathy, connection and understanding they are capable of.

Beth Conklin, of State Collection Service, talks about the importance of understanding and letting consumers know we are all in this unprecedented situation together. She says simply telling consumers “I understand” is a good way to validate their situation and feelings. She also says using the word “let’s” is a good way for consumers to feel like you are both working together in this situation. She says these words of compassion and understanding help you to build rapport. After all, just because a consumer needs to adjust a payment plan right now doesn’t mean they won’t pay in the future. Building rapport and showing understanding to consumers helps to ensure an easier collection down the road.

Manny Newburger, of Baron & Newburger, speaks about the importance of using empathy and compassion in your interactions with consumers. Most collectors know that they will be more successful in their goals with consumers if they work to understand the perspective of the consumer.

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Tim Paulsen, from Canada, said: “In perhaps the most challenging time we have ever experienced in receivables management,19 of the worlds best experts in risk & receivables management want to share their knowledge, tips and techniques with you”
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What do we we have to do in future about our Collection Calls?
First of all we need to go back to basics before we attempt the call.
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Future events in Collection
We all know that our face-to-face interaction will take some time, in the meantime we have to make the most of online events.
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