Our work meets the highest standards of rigour.
Also withstands the pressures of Business, Boardroom and Courtroom

Today's challenges require a team with deep experience and industry insight. We, together with our consultants and external partners, form that team. We specialise in work that is analytically complex, data intensive and deadline driven. Through a wealth of local, national and international knowledge our clients are provided with the information they need to make sound business decisions.
We are consultants to business, experts in our own fields and entrepreneurs with many years of practical experience. We specialise in designing and implementing, not only well proven management, profitability and organisational structures, but also new models and the training of the total staff compliment.
You need a Partner
One that gets you what you need, not necessarily what you want.
One with a vision that is clear, cogent and compelling.
You need an Innovative Strategy
One that builds upon your successes, but is not blinded by it.
A comprehensive plan that integrates all initiatives with measurable actions.
Your Staff needs Training
Proficiency training for management and staff to curb vicarious liability and the risk to be non-compliant.
There is always opportunity for something new
We are only limited by our imagination - We don't tinker at the margins - We scrap the old business models and create new ones.
Think holistically - Think what can be
See beyond new products and services - see new business concepts that meet needs in unconventional ways.
Honesty - Compassion - Humility
Pragmatism - Fearlessness

Pro-active people are driven by values, experience and knowledge.
Win small - Win early - Win often
In a stream of ideas some kind of deeper pattern will be evident.
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