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Vicarious Liability
Legislation requires that businesses empower their staff to be proficient in the legislation affecting the business by up-skilling and training them.

We specialise in the skills and training needed in any business to manage: Credit, Risk, Compliance, Collections, MS and Soft Skills.
FASSET - accredited unit standards training
ICCA - International Certified Collections Advisors training
MS - member of the MS Partner Program
MICTSETA - accredited MS training, presented by MS Certified trainers

Please view our list of training and interventions on the right of the page.

We have developed 1 and 2 day workshops to give delegates a working understanding of a specific Act. Important to note that this training is compulsory in most Legislation - example: section 160 of the National Credit Act makes it compulsory to train all staff, and all agents contracted in, in all the facets of the Act and to be proficient in adding value to the objectives of the Act.

Topics and modules can be “mixed and matched” also the “depth” we need to “drill” into a subject to suit your business requirements. Give us a call to discuss how we should design a workshop that meet your specific needs. Training and Interventions are done throughout South Africa.