Andisiwe Wendy Mtikrakra - Learning and Talent Development - Foschini Group
NCA Proficiency Course
“My experience of the course was very good, everything was clearly defined and covered relevant topics. The training was not too technical to understand and the manner in which the entire course was presented made it easy to follow and grasp. Learning material and the training will be useful in my work. The content and overall look and feel of the system is very user friendly. Thank You.”

Dennis Dallas - Senior Manager - Daly Credit Corporation

Tools for Effective Telephone Collections Course
“The section on “Listening” is great as this has to be one of the most important aspects of an agents job. Get that right and we win the fight. The Formative Assessment sections at the bottom of each section works well in testing the individuals understanding. The “snippets” at the end of the exercise are a good way to test the individuals understanding. The option to see one’s score at the end and be able to print a certificate is a nice idea.”

Estelle Roux - Head of Credit and Collections - Capri Exclusive Homewares
Various Courses
“We’ve been very pleased with the Corporate Rebels eLearning courses. My staff found it very easy to use and it required very little support from my end. I got a very good feel for the system with very few issues. Those that I had were quickly resolved and were due simply to my inexperience. My staff commented that they were impressed with the option to either read or listen to the course. They also went back to some topics more than once. I even had an over-eager staff member requesting permission to complete the courses over the weekend from home. During unscheduled system downtime it was an effective way to keep my staff busy and productive. The biggest benefit for me was the cost of the eLearning and that I didn’t have “down time” due to face-to-face training. Because of the affordability I have sufficient budget to do more training with my team. The certificate awarded at the end of the eLearning was a huge motivator for my staff. I also requested that they email me a soft copy for the company to place on their employee files.”

Les Hurrie - Director - AG Collection Services

Debt Collectors - Contracting with Clients - Master Class
“What can I say, but that I am very impressed! And you chose a module applicable to us as we have a number of medical practices that we collect for. I thought the content was excellent, the ease of navigation superb, the certificate at the end the staff will appreciate too. Then the reporting aspect where you can check your answers, also very impressive.”

Johann Roodt - Compliance Officer - TWK Co-op
Various CR eLearning Courses
“Ons is baie beindruk met julle e-learning fasiliteit en het ons baie waarde gevind by die opleiding reeds voltooi.”