Corporate Rebels


Compliance Consulting
We focus on the policies and implementation of compliance with Acts and Regulations for your organisation.
Regulatory Framework Consulting
We identify all the relevant Acts and Regulations that are applicable to your organisation and classify these acts as either Core, Secondary or Topical. Our offering is to perform Compliance Management Functions for South African organisations that do not have in-house capacity and resources to perform this important function.
Compliance Software
We focus on implementing compliance software that ensures sustainability and relevance of Acts and Regulations that your organisation needs to comply with within your specific industry.
Drafting of Policy Documents
Focusing and ensuring that the Policy and Framework are aligned to Generally Accepted Compliance Practices.
We are your first choice business partner when you need to train for improved bottom line performance. We design competency based training programs that are performance oriented and directly linked to your business's strategic goals. We put together training programs to aid the owner, manager and staff and present it face-to-face throughout the year. The objectives of the training are, firstly, to enhance the knowledge of staff and to ensure operational and strategic success and, secondly, to assist businesses to curb the vicarious liability they have to train their staff.
Placements and Head Hunting
We offer a comprehensive staff placement and senior management “head-hunting” service. It is imperative to appoint the right person for the right job. People need people who can provide excellent and efficient service, adjust to the inevitable changes facing the economy and the workplace. Finding the right candidate is not an easy assignment and this is where we can assist. If the skills are not among our ever growing candidate database, we can source them and go through the tedious procedure of sifting through the CV’s, checking references and putting together a shortlist to our client’s specifications.
We bring to the Credit Industry different events on a regular basis in order to keep everybody up to speed with the happenings in Credit.
  • SAFARI's - A platform where the Credit Management Industry get together to deliberate on topics of importance and hosts of the All Africa Credit Congress.
  • FCM SA - Hosting the Federation of Credit Management SA and their events.
  • WCCE - Members of the World Credit and Collections Congress. Presenters at the WCCE 2013 in South Africa and 2016 in Bucharest, Romania.
  • GCMP - Founding Directors of the Global Certification Centre for Credit Management Practitioners.