NCA Proficiency Training

The amended Section 163 of the National Credit Act (34 of 2005) (NCA) reads as follows:

”A Credit Provider, Debt Counsellor or Payment Distributing Agent must ensure that its employees or agents are trained in respect of the matters to which this Act applies. Credit Providers, Debt Counsellors and Payment Distributing Agents must ensure that its EMPLOYEES and AGENTS are trained to such an extent that they can contribute to the purpose of this Act”

To “bridge the gap” between where we are now and what we might see in the future, we have developed this one day intervention course in an interactive workshop format. We urge you to send your staff on this intervention in order to satisfy the minimum requirement as prescribed in sec 163(1B) of the NCA.

Should you use ANY AGENT, such as Debt Collection Agents, to help you as Credit Provider, please ensure that they attend the same intervention and forward their attendance certificates to you - remember: you are vicariously liable for the actions of your agents.

National Credit Act - Proficiency Training Course

The National Credit Act, as amended, and the Principles to the Act.

Demonstrate an understanding of the National Credit Act, the Prescribed Principles and to be able to contribute to the purpose of it.

A step through the NCA and Regulations, using practical examples to demonstrate objectives. The course takes into consideration current practices and Court and Tribunal cases. The objectives of the National Credit Act are explained, in plain English, and in terms of their applicability to Credit Providers and Consumers.

The elements of a Credit Agreement are listed and their implications explained, with examples, for both Credit Providers and Consumers.

The Legal obligations, duties, rights and benefits of the Credit Provider and Consumer are explained with examples, and many more.

The NCA Amendments Act and updated NCA Regulations
*PLUS* the amendments on the capping of Credit Charges
*PLUS* the latest guidelines on sec 103(5)
*PLUS* the Prescription Act.

1 day Course fee R 2,950 ex VAT per delegate (also available on