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PoPIA - Request for submissions - Sept 2017
PoPIA - Draft Regulations - Sept 2017
Courts of Law Amendment Act - Aug 2017
Arbitration Act
Constitution of SA
Consumer Protection Act
Consumer Protection Act - Regulations
Consumer Goods and Services Code
Contingency Fees Act
Companies Act
Companies Act - Regulations
Conventional Penalties Act
Debt Collectors Act
Debt Collectors Act - Regulations
Debt Collectors Act - Code of Conduct
Debt Collectors Act - Fees and Expenses
FICA Amendments Act 2017
FICA Consultation Document
Magistrates Court Act
Magistrates Court Rules
National Credit Act
National Credit Act - Regulations
NCR - Guidelines on DATA
Prescribed Rate of Interest Act
Prescription Act
Promotion of Access to Information Act
Promotion of Administrative Justice Act
Protection of Personal Information Act
Public Holidays Act
South African Constitution
South African Reserve Bank Act