Corporate Rebels


To save time and money - 2 of our scarcest resources - we have “bridged the gap” between where we are now and where we should be in the future. We have developed this E-Learning platform to overcome some of the logistical and cost challenges we have in Face to Face Training.
Credit Management
The content is split into B2B and B2C. ARM will fall into the B2B category and NCA will fall into the B2C category.
Soft Skills
The full range of skills needed in the business environment.
Debt Recovery
The applicable legislation is the Debt Collectors Act, Regulations to it, the Code of Conduct and Anexure B fees and expenses.
MS Office
All the MS modules from Office 2010 to 2016 are available.
The fees are within everybody’s reach:
User fee = R 100 ex VAT per month irrespective of the courses completed in a month.
Course fee:
MS Office = R 150 ex VAT per course.
Soft Skills, Credit Management, Debt Recovery = R 350 ex VAT per Proficiency Level course and R 450 ex VAT for Master Classes.