Our objectives are to enhance the knowledge of staff and ensure success in credit risk, profitability, cash flow management, compliance and the collection process.

It is important to note that this also aids the business to curb the vicarious liability they have to train management and staff, all in all, providing a total solution to the business.

Corporate Rebels deliver the training and educational programs in face to face workshops and eLearning.

We implement the following steps in a process to guide your workforce's skill development and training needs:

  • Analysis - the first step is to determine what employee performance is needed to achieve clearly defined goals. We work with you to assess exactly what challenges your company may be facing and identify the causes and barriers to close the performance gap.
  • Learning objectives and performance outcomes are agreed upon and drive the design for the training solution.
  • Design - to ensure all facets are included.
  • Development - we will develop a customised, cost-effective approach to address your challenges, while working effectively with in-house personnel to design performance-based programs and workshops.
  • Validation - test the prototype and pilot a new solution.
  • Implementation - we will work closely with your organisation to ensure that the support of learning and application of new skills are in place throughout the entire process; whether it is implementing your training program or providing you with consulting services.
  • Measuring impact - we can assist you with the evaluation process for measuring performance improvement and developing strategies to keep the skills active and up to date.

Our Certifications

MS - member of the MS Partner Program
ICCA - International Certified Collections Advisors training
PCCG - International Certified Profit Centre Group training
CMP - founding members of the Global Credit Management Practitioners