The occupation of a Collections Agent” requirers not only “knowledge” but even more so “skills”. Corporate Rebels offers a range of interventions and workshops to equip an Agent to be successful.

Debt Collectors Act and Regulations
This 1 day workshop is a “must” for ALL new debt collectors and business owners. We will cover and concentrate on practical issues that govern the Debt Collector and are of the utmost importance both to the business and individuals who are registered with the Council for Debt Collectors. Being vicariously liable for the actions of your agents and collectors could lead to a charge of improper conduct in the disciplinary process - you should know how to prevent this.
R 2,350 ex VAT per delegate

Debt Collectors Code of Conduct
This 1 day workshop covers all aspects of section 15 of the Debt Collectors Act - from the investigation stage of a complaint against you and/or your Agency up and until the Disciplinary Hearing and sentencing. The workshop will include sentencing procedures by the Council of Debt Collectors. Bonus: the workshop will be practical, using cases heard by the Council, thus ensuring that your Agency is on-top of the Disciplinary Procedures and your rights entrenched in the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3/2000 (PAJA) are known to you.
R 2,350 ex VAT per delegate

Help ! I am new in a Call Centre
A first step into a collections call centre environment for new agents is daunting. First thoughts normally are: can I deliver with assertiveness, confidence and knowledge, calls based on facts. A healthy collections environment normally calls for high energy levels and motivated individuals who are focused and disciplined, that is scary for the “new-comers”. The outcomes of this 1 day workshop: Plan the debtors call - Make contact with the debtor - Handle objections - Resolve the queries - Negotiate payment - Record the conversation.
R 2,350 ex VAT per delegate

Active Telephone Collections
Dynamic, vigorous and energetic is what every healthy call centre environment strives for.  With our 2 day “Active Telephone Collections” workshop we help take your agents to the next level by building relationships with consumers as they are our potential future clients, creating a culture of making payment and preventing any defences. The outcomes of this workshop: Breaking old habits - Sales and Service approach - Negotiating and using persuasion - Selling the benefits for making payment - Handle objections - Listening Actively - Asking the right questions - Positive verbalisation - Understanding Legislation and Regulations.
R 2,950 ex VAT per delegate

Energise your Collections Team
We have developed this 1 day workshop to give energy to your collections Team. This course is a “must do” if you see that the energy levels are dropping - remember “burn-out” is your most feared enemy in a collections centre. Break out have some fun and energise the Team.
R 2,350 ex VAT per delegate

Connect - Communicate - Collect
We would like to listen to a sample of your agents calls and then build a one day workshop around “asking the right question at the right time” and “are we hearing or listening”. The day is spent on which questions to ask with different objections and how to listen actively for the hidden words.  This will empower a culture of effective communication and open the pathway to really get to understand our consumers needs.  Understanding the consumers needs will help identify which proposal will be best when negotiation or when to let the consumer go.
R 2,350 ex VAT per delegate