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All Interventions
Download the complete BROCHURE of all our interventions, workshops and training. If you are looking for specific interventions please have a look on the menu at the right of the page, if it is there, just click on it for the details, content and pricing. If not just send us a message to help.

Topics and modules can be “mixed and matched” also the “depth” we need to “drill” into a subject, or topic, to suit your business requirements. Give us a call to discuss how we should design a workshop that meet your specific needs. Training and Interventions are done throughout South Africa.

Group sizes: minimum 6 and maximum 20 - ideal is 16. Businesses are advised to book well in advance as delegates numbers are limited to ensure full interaction and to allow time for interactive case studies. Delegates are welcome to bring challenges they experience to our training and workshops - time dependent - the facilitators and trainers will endeavour to answers questions on these challenges.
Our Certifications
FASSET - accredited unit standards training.
MS - member of the MS Partner Program.
MICTSETA - accredited MS training, presented by MS Certified trainers.
ICCA - International Certified Collections Advisors training.
PCCG - International Certified Profit Centre Group training.