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Microsoft - Windows on the World
We are a Registered Member of the Microsoft Partner Program, which is recognised internationally and ensures quality delivery of training solutions to MS users. In today's competitive work environment, it is of crucial importance to ensure that we are competent when it comes to computer skills. Employers recognise that candidates skilled in this area will enhance performance and increase productivity, but they seldom have the time or necessary skills to train new staff.
The courses are comprehensive and are given on a practical “hands-on” basis. Each particular topic is explained, which is then demonstrated by making use of a Multimedia presentation. Delegates participate orally during the course, and are required to complete exercises relevant to each topic. Exercises are checked and assessed by the Facilitator on completion of each exercise.
We have “WINGS”
Give us a call and we will send a qualified Trainer to train your staff at your convenience on your site. If training needs to be done outside Gauteng (which we gladly will accommodate) then traveling and accommodation would not be included in the fees quoted below, a separate quote needs to be obtained.
Even high school graduates have no guarantee that they will be able to enter the marketplace with only their grade 12 certificate, as most advertised jobs require computer skills. For any candidate looking for that 'perfect' job, listing computer programs like MS Word, MS Excel and Outlook immediately moves your CV to the top. If our skilled trainers confirm these skills, this can accelerate the process. If you just need to brush up on your skills, or need a 'black belt' in any of the MS Office packages, we can help.
A comprehensive training/reference manual is supplied to each delegate attending a course.
Certificates of Completion or Attendance for workshops are issued to delegates who have completed a course.
Back-up support
Free telephonic support is offered to delegates who have attended a training course. Support is limited to the specific course content the delegated completed.
(fees quoted are ex VAT and applicable to Gauteng area at your offices)
Introduction to PC’s & Basics of Windows - R 1,650,00 per delegate - 1 day
Windows Operating System - R 1,650,00 per delegate - 1 day
Microsoft Outlook Basic/Intermediate - R 1,650,00 per delegate - 1 day
Microsoft Outlook Advanced - R 1,650,00 per delegate - 1 day
Microsoft Word Basic/Intermediate - R 3 300,00 - 2 days
Microsoft Word Advanced - R 1,650,00 per delegate - 1 day
Microsoft Excel Basic/Intermediate - R 3,300,00 per delegate - 2 days
Microsoft Excel Advanced - R 3 400,00 - 2 days
Microsoft PowerPoint Basic/Intermediate - R 3 600,00 - 2 days
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced - R 3 800,00 - 2 days
Microsoft Publisher Basic/Intermediate - R 3 600,00 - 2 days
Microsoft Project Basic/Intermediate - R 3 600,00 - 2 days
Microsoft Access Basic/Intermediate - R 3 600,00 - 2 days
Microsoft Visio Basic/Intermediate - R 3 600,00 - 2 days
Visual Basic (VB) for Excel Basic/Intermediate - R 3 800,00 - 2 days
Excel Dynamic Formulas and Functions - R 1 800,00 - 1 day
Macros for Excel - R 1 800,00 - 1 day
Maximising PivotTable Reports - R 1 800,00 - 1 day
ThinkCell for PowerPoint & Excel - R 3 800,00 - 2 days